40+ Quotes | The Glory (2022)

Updated: January 2, 2023

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, The Glory (2022):

On life and battles

  • “Ugly, right? My scars.” – Moon Dong Eun
  • “They’re injuries.” – Joo Yeo Jeong

“I’ve also hit rock bottom before, so I understand the weight of your anger.” – Joo Yeo Jeong

“Do you know that your daughter likes to look at the world upside down? Is it because when the world is upside down, people will understand you even if you can’t tell some colors apart?” – Moon Dong Eun

“A wedding isn’t the only major event in life, you know.” – Moon Dong Eun

“For a time, I had this thought ‘What if anyone or anything had tried to help me?’ Maybe a friend or a god. Even the weather, maybe. If not, then a sharp weapon.” – Moon Dong Eun

“I know that you’re running at full speed, even now. But I don’t really know where.” – Joo Yeo Jeong

“Because they’re staying warm, they don’t realize how cold it is outside. Life is just calm and happy for them.” – Moon Dong Eun

“How come she and I.. No, how come we have to cheer ourselves up everyday?” – Moon Dong Eun

“Keeping myself going is so tiring. I’m so sick of it.” – Moon Dong Eun

“You know those moments? Those moments when you’re allowed to like someone? If those moments mean that you’re alive, then how many days do you think I have really lived?” – Moon Dong Eun

“I’m not looking for a prince. What I need is not a prince, but a headsman who will join me in the sword dance.” – Moon Dong Eun

“She’s so calm like she’s underwater but makes me feel like I’m in the eye of the storm.” – Moon Dong Eun

“You’ll never find a solution in the past. It’ll always be in front of you. That’s just what life is like.” – Mother of Yeon Jin

“Your childhood must have been like a box of chocolates. Now you’ve grown up to be a good, happy adult. You say something so naive, yet you have no trouble living your life.” – Moon Dong Eun

“You’ve seen my scars before, right? Can you heal them?” – Moon Dong Eun

“It felt like a white night, and sometimes it felt like a polar night, too.” – Moon Dong Eun

On rage and revenge

“I’ll do whatever you say like it’s a royal command. Anything at all. I’ll show you a wild sword dance.” – Joo Yeo Jeong

“What does hatred mean? Her eyes that turned darker when she got excited. Her lips that curled up when she smiled. Every single strand of her beautiful hair. Put all of that together, and that’s what hatred is.” – Moon Dong Eun

“Some hatred resembles longing. It’s impossible to get rid of.” – Moon Dong Eun

“Starting today, my dream is you. I really hope we’ll see each other again.” – Moon Dong Eun

  • “Now I’m going to wield a very soft, very bright curling iron. The one that you cherish the most, Yeon-jin.” – Moon Dong Eun
  • “Anyone who injures their neighbor is to be injured in the same manner.” – Moon Dong Eun
  • “Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, fracture for fracture. The one who inflicted the injury must suffer the same. I don’t know. That sounds too fair to ne.” – Moon Dong Eun

“I hope that you still want to see me dance, Yeon-jin. Although I’m afraid that it will be a wild sword dance.” – Moon Dong Eun

  • “A battle fought fiercely, in silence.” – Joo Yeo Jeong
  • “I like that.” – Moon Dong Eun

“I came up with over 100 names for your child, who was to be born that fall. I even gave a toast to my eventual corruption and your eventual destruction.” – Moon Dong Eun

“I sometimes wonder. The solidarity between victims and the solidarity between perpetrators. Which of them is stronger?” – Moon Dong Eun

“I’m afraid I’ll forget what I should be doing if I start laughing.” – Moon Dong Eun

“From now on, every single day will be a nightmare. They’ll be provocative and terrifying. You can’t stop me or make me disappear. I’m planning on becoming a very old rumor of yours.” – Moon Dong Eun

“Your feet that were eager to inflict pain on others and all the feet that walked next to them. Your lips that laughed at others’ misfortune and all the lips that laughed with them. Those leering eyes and all the eyes that gazed at them with affection. Your hand that mocked and broke others and all the hands that held it. And your soul that rejoiced in every single moment. That’s how far I’m planning to go.” – Moon Dong Eun

“There will be no forgiveness and so there will be no glory either.” – Moon Dong Eun

“It’s so horrible if you think about it, isn’t it? That my world is all about you. And because my world is all about you, the world that your daughter will live in will be all about me. I will live with the horrible resentment that she will come to bear as the price for my revenge.” – Moon Dong Eun

“You need to get punished. Criminal punishment if God’s on your side, and divine punishment if God’s on my side.” – Moon Dong Eun

“I don’t plan on being a better person. I’m becoming worse everyday.” – Moon Dong Eun

“Once your revenge is over, your world will also be in ruins.” – Joo Yeo Jeong

“I’m already in complete ruins with no dignity left. So, go back. I’d like to stay faithful to my rage and vice.” – Moon Dong Eun

“I’ll do it. I’ll be your headsman. I’ll join the sword dance.” – Joo Yeo Jeong

On humanity and social issues

“Even if I do this, nothing will happen to me and nothing will change for you.” – Park Yeon Jin

  • “Nobody will protect you, Dong-eun. Not the police, not the school, and not even your parents. What do you call a person like that? An underdog.” – Park Yeon Jin
  • “Do you know what’s nice about not having a religion? You know where you’re going when you die. Hell.” – Moon Dong Eun

“A problem that can be solved with money is the easiest one in the world.” – Ha Do Yeong

“You’ve changed a bit. You were black-and-white in high school, but now you’re more colorful.” – Jeong Jae Jun

“Don’t bully another student because you wear better clothes, because you ride in a better car, or because you live in a better house.” – Moon Dong Eun

“Your reputation becomes rumors and rumors become your reputation!” – Kang Soo Han

Genre: Thriller, Revenge, Drama
Synopsis: It follows a woman whose childhood is marked by school violence and pain and puts a carefully planned revenge scheme in motion by taking up a job as a teacher at the school of her bully‚Äôs child.
No of episodes: 8
Cast: Song Hye-kyo, Lee Do-hyun, Lim Ji-yeon, Yeom Hye-ran, Park Sung-hoon, Jung Sung-il
Writer: Kim Eun-sook
Director: Ahn Gil-ho
Network: Netflix
Date: December 30, 2022

Subtitle translation: Netflix

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