30+ Quotes | Island (2022)

Updated: January 13, 2023

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, Island (2022):

On dark forces and evil

“You tried to kill me. But you also tried to save me. Multiple times.” – Won Miho

  • “The more you want it, the more you will be worn out and become dull.” – Gungtan
  • “Isn’t it funny? That the more you protect her, the weaker you’ll become.” – Gungtan
  • “Make your decision by the next time we meet, whether you’ll die at my hands or hold my hands.” – Gungtan

“I had no choice but to kill you with my hands. So I cannot even die and have to live this painful life.” – Van

“To a terrible fate, you don’t need to add filth.” – Gungtan

“To you, it’s all the same lust demon. But to me, he’s my brother who I found after ten years.” – Johan

“To break the barrier, I must train. And after that, I’m going to save you two. So until then make sure you survive.” – Wonjeong

  • “Hang in there even if you don’t want to live.” – Wonjeong
  • “I’ll be back to save you no matter what.” – Wonjeong

“Don’t escape from here. That’s how you can survive.” – Van

“It is your fate that calls upon them.” – Van

“Nothing can be done if you don’t understand.” – Van

“If you’re given another life, I wish you a life of a normal human being.” – Van

“If the sign shines with light, there is absolutely no doubt about it.” – Geum Baek Ju

“When you meet him, your excitement may turn into fear.” – Father priest

“Fear, horror, and action are all my specialties, Father.” – Priest Johan

On life and humanity

“It’s not the promise that is weak. It is your will that is weak.” – Won Miho

“Knowing how deep your wound actually is, it will take a while. Maybe a lifetime. So take your time. Don’t force yourself too much.” – Won Miho

“Rather than trusting Van, trust in his guilt.” – Geum Baek Ju

“Did you lose your memory due to age? Or did you just become fearless?” – Van

  • “Money controls everything.” – Won Miho
  • “You look like a poisonous mushroom.” – Won Miho
  • “Your face is so yellow. You look yellow because you always dark clothes.” – Won Miho

“How can you say such a terrifying remark in such a cute manner?” – Johan

“You look like a child with many sorrows.” – Johan

“Humans always try to know everything because they fear the unknown.” – Van

“If someone like him is not punished, those above are neglecting their duties.” – Won Miho

“There is no conclusion that everyone would be happy with.” – Van

“As you may know, an artist’s painting is not about the price tag. Just consider only the value of the work.” – Won Miho

“We live in a world that only sees results. A failed process is just an excuse.” – Miho’s father

  • “I have always hated relatives and family. All they do is try to take away and pull you down.” – Won Miho
  • “Whether it was empty words or the truth, if something happened to me, you both would worry for me first. I thought that’s what family is.” – Won Miho
  • “If this is not betrayal, what is?” – Won Miho

“Do you think this is the end? This is only the beginning.” – Secretary Kang

  • “A world the size of your palm? The world outside is much colder than you think.” – Secretary Kang
  • “Verbal agreement has legal effects. But having a written one would be more effective.” – Won Miho

“Should I resent you for forgetting me? Or should I be grateful?” – Van

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Mystery
Synopsis: Itfollows three individuals who fight against evil in the island of Jeju.
Based on: the webcomic, “Island” by Yoon In-wan and Yang Kyung-il
No. of episodes: 12
Cast: Kim Nam-gil, Lee Da-hee, Cha Eun-woo, Sung Joon
Writer: Jang Yoon-mi
Director: Bae Jong
Network: TVING
Streaming platform: Amazon Prime Video
Date: December 30, 2022

Subtitle translation: Amazon Prime Video