Full Cast Of “The Glory”

Get to know the full cast of Netflix’s The Glory (2022-2023):

Song Hye-kyo as Moon Dong Eun

Song Hye-kyo is an A-list, bankable, award-winning, Hallyu actress who was born on November 22, 1981. She made her television debut when she was a high school student through the KBS’ drama First Love (1996-1997), rose to fame through the series Autumn In My Heart (2000), became a Hallyu star in the hit series Full House (2004), and attained massive success in the mega-hit drama Descendants Of The Sun (2016). So far, she has appeared in 26 drama series and 11 films, received three Grand Prize “Daesang” awards, and listed four times in Forbes magazine’s Korea Power Celebrity.

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Jung Ji-so as young Moon Dong Eun

Jung Ji-so was born on September 17, 1999 and made her debut as a child actress in 2012. She played the daughter of Park family in the award-winning film Parasite (2019) and took the role of a theater actress in KBS2’s Curtain Call (2022), which earned her the Best New Actress at the 2022 KBS Drama Awards.

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Lim Ji-yeon as Park Yeon Jin

Lim Ji-yeon was born on June 23, 1990 and majored in acting at the Korea National University of Arts. She made her acting debut in the short film Dear, Lim (2014), landed a leading role in the erotic romance film Obsessed (2014), which earned her the Best New Actress at the 2014 Grand Bell Awards, Buil Film Awards, and Korean Association of Film Critics Awards. She also won three awards for her performance in SBS’ High Society (2015), played Seoul in the second season of Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area (2022) and will portray a role in the series National Death Penalty Vote (2023).

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Shin Ye-eun as young Park Yeon Jin

Shin Ye-eun was born on January 18, 1998 and made her debut as an actress in the web series A-Teen (2018). She also played leading roles in He Is Psychometric (2019), Welcome (2020), More Than Friends (2020), and Revenge Of Others (2022). This year, we will see her in the historical series, Romantic Guest House (2023).

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Lee Do-hyun as Joo Yeo Jeong

Lee Do-hyun was born on April 11, 1995 and graduated in Film and Theater at Chung-Ang University. He made his debut as an actor in the series, Prison Playbook (2017-2018), playing the younger version of the prison guard. He also played roles in Still 17 (2018), Hotel Del Luna (2019), and received awards for his performance in Sweet Home (2020), 18 Again (2020), and Youth Of May (2021). In 2022, he was placed in Forbes magazine’s Korea Power Celebrity Rising Star. This year, we will see him again in the second part of The Glory (2023) and in the new series Bad Mother (2023).

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Jung Sung-il as Ha Do Yeong

Jung Sung-il is a theater, movie, and TV actor who was born on February 3, 1980. He played roles in The Chase (2017), Secret Forest 2 (2022), Birthcare Center (2020), Bad And Crazy (2021), Moonshine (2021), Our Blues (2022), and Project Wolf Hunting (2022), just to name a few.

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Yeom Hye-ran as Kang Hyeon Nam

Yeom Hye-ran is a theater actress who was born on October 30, 1976 and made her debut as a movie actress in 2003 and TV actress in 2016. So far, she has appeared in 33 films and 20 drama series, and best known for her role as the intelligent lawyer in When The Camellia Blooms (2019), a demon hunter in The Uncanny Counter (2020), a director at a Youth Recovery Center in Juvenile Justice (2022), and a mysterious middle-aged woman in Alchemy Of Souls (2022).

Park Sung-hoon as Jeon Jae Joon

Park Sung-hoon was born on February 18, 1985 and made his debut as an actor in 2011. He played roles in Six Flying Dragons (2015), Mad Dog (2017), Psychopath Diary (2019), Into The Ring (2020), and Joseon Exorcist (2021), just to name a few. Besides The Glory (2022-2023), he was also cast in Netflix’s new mystery series The Bequeathed.

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Cha Joo-young as Choi Hye Jeong

Cha Joo-young was born on June 5, 1990 and made her debut as an actress in 2014. She played an obsessed girl in Cheese In The Trap (2015), as Ae Sim-i in Love In The Moonlight (2016), a plastic surgeon in Wok Of Love (2018), an Interpol secret agent in The Spies Who Loved Me (2018), an elite reporter in Chimera (2021), and the secretary of a powerful politician at the same time a grim reaper in Again My Life (2022).

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Kim Hi-eora as Lee Sara

Kim Hi-eora is a musical and TV actress who was born on March 18, 1989. She played roles in Beyond Evil (2021), Bad And Crazy (2021), Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022), and Bad Prosecutor (2022). She will also appear in the second season of The Uncanny Counter (2023).

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Kim Gun-woo as Son Myeong-o

Kim Gun-woo was born on January 10, 1992 and played roles in Fight For My Way (2017), Live (2018), Less Than Evil (2018), Catch The Ghost (2019), Record Of Youth (2020), The Stranger (2022) drama special, and in the film Ultimate Oppa (2022).

Images: Netflix