30+ Quotes | The Glory 2 (2023)

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, The Glory 2 (2023):

“Look at all these sparkling walls, not yellowed by cigarette smoke, or infected with mold. None of these walls are stained by hatred. How strange this all is.” – Moon Dong Eun

  • “Why do the poor always believes in things like poetic justice or karma?” – Park Yeon Jin
  • “Even if I have to pull you apart piece by piece, I swear I’ll find another curling iron to use on you.” – Park Yeon Jin

“Your expression tells me you’re struggling. Unable to stay afloat.” – Moon Dong Eun

  • “If this is all really that important to you, then let’s try being romantic.” – Moon Dong Eun
  • “If I used my scalpel as a headsman’s sword, would you stop me?”  – Joo Yeo Jeong

“Blindly pursuing morals and goodwill only brings you false glory, nothing more.” – Dr. Joo

  • “The only brave thing you can do right now is to turn away.” – Moon Dong Eun
  • “I think you’re Yeon-jin’s glory, Mr. Ha. And I want you to become Yeon-jin’s ruin instead.” – Moon Dong Eun

“I’m not helping you run. I’m giving you hope.” – Moon Dong Eun

  • “Suna was the only joy in my unfortunate life. I’m sending my joy to you. Please give her love.” – Ms. Kang
  • “No matter how much you break me, I’m not scared of you anymore.” – Ms. Kang

“I wonder which one of us will cause a swell with our hope, Yeon-jin.” – Moon Dong Eun

  • “They do say good triumphs over evil. Let’s try to deal with it until then.” – Mr. Ha
  • “Being obsessed with something that can’t be changed seems a like a loss compared to the fruits of revenge.” – Mr. Ha

“Among the things that victims have lost, how many things do you think they can reclaim? It’s just their own glory and honor. Nothing more. Some regain those things through forgiveness, while others regain them through revenge. Only then can they reach the starting point.” – Moon Dong Eun

  • “If we met each other in a different way, in a different situation, would things have been different?” – Moon Dong Eun
  • “I’ll never forgive you. The reason I won’t forgive you is because you still don’t understand that you were my first perpetrator.” – Moon Dong Eun
  • “Once this revenge is over, will you find happiness?” – Mr. Ha
  • “I wish to be happy enough that I could die. I want to be happy, just by that much.” – Moon Dong Eun
  • “You may have forgotten but these people haven’t.” – Moon Dong Eun
  • “I walked here from the year 2004, step by step.” – Moon Dong Eun
  • “You’re standing on ruins now without your beautiful walls, Yeon-jin. It’ll be desolate. It’ll be dark. Welcome, Yeon-jin.” – Moon Dong Eun

“I may have set the plan in motion but they caused the ruin themselves.” – Moon Dong Eun

  • “Now you really have no reason not to use me. If you refuse me, it’ll be for love. Not revenge.” – Joo Yeo Jeong
  • “Your lips that laughed at others’ misfortune, they’ve finally fallen silent now the misfortune is yours.” – Moon Dong Eun

“We’re at the final destination. This is the end. Goodbye.” – Moon Dong Eun

  • “I hope that in the end, whether I’m in the world or not, your world will be full of me.” – Moon Dong Eun
  • “I want you to resent every moment of your life so much that you feel it deep in your bones.” – Moon Dong Eun
  • “Let me do that. I’ll be the one who kills me. So, for us, it’s time to say goodbye.” – Moon Dong Eun

“Dear Yeon-jin, whom I’ve always dreamed of killing. Goodbye. This is my last letter to you.” – Moon Dong Eun

  • “I bid everyone else farewell as well. I hope it burned for you, too, like it did for me.” – Moon Dong Eun
  • “There was a time when I used to think, ‘What if anybody, or anything, had tried to help me?’ Eighteen springs have passed since then. Now I finally realize that there were good grown-ups around me, too. Friends, weather, and divine intervention, too.” – Moon Dong Eun

“When you said we should die in the spring, you meant we should bloom in the spring. Thank you very much for saving me.” – Moon Dong Eun

“I didn’t grow up to be a good person. But one day, one spring, I will fully bloom.” – Moon Dong Eun

Genre: Thriller, Revenge, Drama
Synopsis: It follows a woman whose childhood is marked by school violence and pain and puts a carefully planned revenge scheme in motion by taking up a job as a teacher at the school of her bully‚Äôs child.
No of episodes: 8
Cast: Song Hye-kyo, Lee Do-hyun, Lim Ji-yeon, Yeom Hye-ran, Park Sung-hoon, Jung Sung-il
Writer: Kim Eun-sook
Director: Ahn Gil-ho
Network: Netflix
Date: March 10, 2023

Subtitle translation: Netflix

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