Six Swoonworthy Things About Kim Seonho During The Manila Fanmeet

There’s something about actor Kim Seonho that makes fans admire him more. Days after a fun and memorable fan meeting in Manila, Filipino fans can’t stop talking about him across social media. As witnessed, here are six swoonworthy things about the ultimate charmer during his visit in the Philippines:

1. He looks extra handsome and hot in person.

Kim Seonho had Filipino fans swooning over his looks from the airport arrival to the main event at MOA Arena. He arrived in Manila on a Saturday night in a smart casual all-black attire with a new hairstyle and his cap is worn backwards, looking naughty yet elegantly handsome like a nobleman. During the fanmeet at MOA Arena, the huge crowd went wild as soon as he appeared on stage with his “Han Ji-pyeong” style attire and changed to a “Hong Dusik” type look during the second session. Whether he smiles, laughs, makes facial expressions, shows his dimples, or plays around, he just radiates extra handsomeness and charms, leaving fans in awe.

  • “He was so unbelievably mesmerizing.. My jaw literally dropped. I became so speechless.” @seonhojoy
  • “When I saw him so close, dang! his skin was so perfect, he smells so great and his dimples is too clear and I just can’t handle my emotions.” @YukaSeon18
  • “He is so cute and handsome!!!” @_lssssaaaa_
  • “It’s the nose scrunches for me.” @seonhoshine_
  • “Damn…his dimplesssss!!!” @seonhocorndog
  • “He was so tall I had to stretch my neck up. So fair and handsome and he was smiling at me. And yes he smelled powdery sweet!” @hanjipyeong
  • “Sooo tall and handsome, face is really shining, so milky white, super cute.” @dubudubudoo
  • “He’s so handsome for real, like real real.” @googiebytes
  • “I’m still over the moon. OMG seonho!!! He’s literally glowing. Super duper handsome. His face is so small and he’s really tall.” @ksh_050886
  • “Seonho, you are literally the most handsome man alive.” @donnamumaii

2. He goes the extra mile for fans.

It was indeed a romantic Sunday night for Filipino fans to remember especially during the almost three-hour “Hi, Bye Session” wherein 80% of the audience got the chance to wave goodbye to Kim Seonho up close on stage. Even though he had to catch his midnight flight, he made sure he got to greet each one in the long queue, still full of energy and warmth, copying fans’ gestures from finger heart to big heart to flying kiss to hand wave to thumbs up and more! 

  • “No matter how tired he is, he never showed it. he tries to match his energy with shhds. HIS FAN SERVICE IS REALLY EXCEPTIONAL.” @kdramacheese
  • “Kim Seonho is so cute. King of fan service.” @seon_holic
  • “Seonho’s sincerity. He did not want to miss out a single fan. Or even make anyone of his fans feel bad or hurried, by letting them know he was about to miss a flight.” @loveksh0508
  • “He decided to choose his fans no matter what.” @seonkissedboy
  • “Seonho won but he asked the host if the fan can still get a prize. Such a cutie and a softie.” @MrSeonhosshi
  • “I made Seon Ho danced the Paper Doll Dance for real! KsH had so much fun!” @ericson_co
  • “He’s like a mirror copying everyone, so cute.” @seonhocutee
  • “Look how he also jump and give a flying kiss hahaha, so cuteeee.” @aljoseu_
  • “That moment when the Seonhohadas started cheering when our good boy asked to remove the acrylic!!!!” @cheer0616
  • “The number of hours you stood there and how you mimick, literally every shhd, shows how much you wanna return the love back. Don’t worry actornim its well received with grateful heart.” @IvyCana
  • “Guys the van really stopped for the fans, omg. I will never never unlove this man.” @seonhopage

3. He is easily moved to tears.

Kim Seonho was seen feeling overwhelmed and teary-eyed while looking at the arena filled with Filipino fans cheering for him. After singing “Reason”, a surprise video was presented for him, which includes warm messages from Filipino fans. He got emotional, expressing a heartfelt message to the crowd, “Thank you always for touching my heart all the time. That’s a lot of love reading those touching messages. I really appreciate it that you promised me that even on hard times, you’ll always be there for me. I also promise to be a good person, a good actor, and be here all the time for you. Thank you. I love you all.”

  • “He tried so hard not to cry but he’s obviously teary eyed.” @MrSeonhosshi
  • “The man started crying while ‘Here Always’ is playing.” @seonpaws
  • “Seon Ho getting soft and a bit teary eyed because of the huge number of fans in attendance in Manila.” @kimpaperdoll
  • “LOOK AT HIS FACE SEEING 10K FANS CHEERING FOR HIM. Dont cry yet seonho ya.” @gongjinpeople22
  • “I cried when I saw seonho try to hold his tears.” @Seon_Dimples
  • “Thank you Kim Seon Ho for not being afraid to show us how you feel. He was touched knowing that we would walk together with him even through hard times. I love you. Can’t wait for your next projects. Your tears are falling. Baby don’t cry.” @happyrhamie

4. He entertains and engages with fans like no other.

Fans who journeyed with Kim Seonho throughout his variety days knows so well how naturally funny he is and what his limitations are. During the two-hour Manila fan meeting, he entertained and engaged with fans in various talk sessions and games, as he is—funny, clumsy, adorable, honest, playful, and sweet. It was so heartwarming to see him smile a lot, laugh a lot, and he was too adorable to watch even when he got tired playing games. He shared, “It’s tiring but I feel very happy.”

  • “Seonho cracking up with laughter as he sees the very first seonhohada wearing a bridal gown for the fan-meet.” @hellokimseonho
  • “A Seonhohada made Seonho laugh like this, he’s trying to stop his laugh but he just can’t.” @hey_ksheee
  • “His confused face when he lost. Seonho is so entertaining pls.” @Shstann
  • “Seonho got super tired at the games so he decided to lay on the couch. Only in the Philippines!!! Now he’s feeling at home. Haha.” @hellokimseonho
  • “He was asked to record a morning message and he can’t control his laugh.” @seonstin
  • “That laugh alone would wake all my senses up!” @PSJKSH
  • “He is still the clumsy Kim Seonho. He’s so funny! I love him!” @chernaval

5. He makes your heart flutter when he speaks English.

Omo, another heart-fluttering moment during the Manila fan meeting is how Kim Seonho made an effort to express himself and react to situations in basic English. And he did it so naturally with a good accent, in a way that you’d want to hear more of him speak in full English. Ooohh la-la-la!

  • “When Seonho speaks English, my heart explodes.” @loveksh0508
  • “Wow! He speaks English very well.” @pucca_seonho
  • “He needs to speak more he has the accent!” @Shstann
  • “Seonho has the cutest english ever.” @seonhocutee
  • “Seonho speaking English is so endearing, especially his ‘I love it’.” @seonho_pocket
  • “Seonho when you learn English and start speaking it regularly we will just implode. You won’t have fans anymore cos we will have all imploded.” @seonhomecha
  • “I swear, Seonho speaking in English and Tagalog will be the death of me. His low voice and intonation is to die for.” @seonho__kim0

6. He remains humble and kind.

What is even more swoonworthy about Kim Seonho is that he remains a humble and kind person inspite his Hallyu fame and despite the hardships he experienced in his personal life. “Because of you, I can stand here as an actor. Thank you so much for being with me in the hard times and good times. I love you. I promise to be back,” Kim Seonho sincerely conveys a warm message to Filipino fans.

  • “I will always be proud that i’m admiring not just a good actor, but also a good person inside and out. thank you for coming back to us, actor kim seonho.” @hosplay_ksh
  • “He just was the most pleasant, nicest and charismatic person that you will meet and that angelic face speaks goodness all over.” @thepinkyvodka
  • “Now I know why so many people and friends stood up for you. You are the most genuine and humble Korean actor out there.” @Bliss050886
  • “Kim SeonHo is so consistent. Over the years, he hasn’t changed a bit -spreading happiness, positivity and high energy wherever he goes.” @KimSeonHoChart

Kim Seonho met his energetic Filipino fans in an offline event with the theme,“One, Two, Three, Smile!” at the Mall Of Asia (MOA) Arena in Manila, Philippines on January 22nd. Marked as the first stop for his Asia tour this year, it was attended by 10,000 Filipino fans—from young adults to fanboys to mommies with their daughters—hosted by Kring and presented by Pulp Live World and Happee Hour.

by Writer KORB | Cover Image: Myra Bansale