40+ Quotes | Kokdu Season Of Deity (2023)

Updated: February 12, 2023

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, Kokdu Season Of Deity (2023):

On fate and curses

“The darkness that cannot be driven out even by the brightest light. The despair that cannot be overcome even with strong hope. The evil that even the greatest good cannot handle. That’s me. And I know that. That is why I never even hoped for a faint ray of light, but it is nice to have it.” – Kokdu

“I am falling endlessly from a very high place. The hope that I’d eventually reach the bottom only makes me more miserable.” – Kokdu

“You, who have stolen my dearest’s light, will never see again the light of day.” – Seolhee

  • “A land of punishment where it does not rain and the wind blows for awhile before disappearing. In the afterlife where you will come one day, it was my duty to wait for you.” – Oh Hyun
  • “The sun has not shined through for a long time. The harsh blizzard has turned my heart cold. Like transparent ice, my head is clear of all memories. I have forgotten about everything. But even now, I am still waiting dreadfully.” – Oh Hyun

“As punishment, you will become Kokdu from now on. You will become death that everyone fears and wants to avoid and that nobody will love. When that woman says she loves you, your cursed life will end and eternal peace will come.” – Lord deity

“You are conceited enough to think that you can change your fate, but nothing in this world can be moved by human will.” – Lord deity

  • “In the underworld, he listens to the dead complaining. In the living world, he listens to people’s curses. He has to kill people everyday when he doesn’t want to. How is that not pitiful?” – Gaksin
  • “It never rains in the underworld. With the rain, I finally realized that I was now in the human realm.” – Kokdu

On life and humanity

“The truth is always simple. What’s real is what you’re looking at now. What’s fake is what you want to see.” – Kokdu

“The reason why people become unhappy is because they put off the right time to anytime.” – Kokdu

“Nothing’s perfect. In life, you always lose something when you gain something.” – Han Gye Jeol

  • “An apology is said with words, not with money.” – Han Gye Jeol
  • “Those who always work really hard are usually insecure.” – Kokdu
  • “They say falling can teach you to fly.” – Han Gye Jeol
  • “I see fortune tellers everywhere. Humans are obsessed with destiny.” – Kokdu

“Everyone feels anxious like a lone boat in the rocky sea. They need a lighthouse to guide them.” – Gaksin

“Even if sad endings are abound to befall us humans, we should start out happy.” – Han Gye Jeol

“I can survive even if the world is against me. This must be why people use connections.” – Han Gye Jeol

  • “I got slapped, stabbed in the back, and now I need to get drenched in the rain?” – Han Gye Jeol
  • “It’s unsettling when stories don’t end with a happy ending.” – Han Gye Jeol
  • “If he was going to fail me, he should’ve just let me fall down the stairs.” – Han Gye Jeol

“Nothing in this world is free. You’ll get sick if you accept anything and everything just because you’re desperate.” – Tae Jung Won

  • “No one gets drunk because they want to. The stress of the world and people make you get drunk. And love, too.” – Han Gye Jeol
  • “Do you know what people like me with no connections cannot afford to have? Enemies.” – Han Gye Jeol
  • “It took me ten years to get in but less than ten minutes to get kicked out?” – Han Gye Jeol
  • “The misunderstanding is deep. Most people would call it a trap, not help.” – Kokdu
  • “I studied social media. Everyone lies on social media.” – Kokdu

On love and relationships

“You should worry about who will carry you, not who will look at you.” – Kokdu

  • “Whether it’s love or hate, am I the person you want to see the most?” – Kokdu
  • “Like snow in midsummer, like the fifth season, like a new paradise, her lips came down to me.” – Kokdu

“The war-like love is already over but there are leftover duds somewhere in my heart.” – Kokdu

“That song was like a drop of sweet rain after a drought, and I was a little drunk from it. If I had to say, you’re like a drunk accident caused by that raindrop.” – Kokdu

  • “If someone makes you fall, you should just fall.” – Kokdu
  • “When you need someone, does it make that person special?” – Han Gye Jeol
  • “Do not listen to anything or anyone who wants to hurt you. Right now, this moment, only listen to me.” – Han Gye Jeol
  • “Do you think I’d let you get hurt when you’re a special person?” – Kokdu

“I only just found out how peaceful the silent night is and how brightly the moon and stars are.” – Kokdu

“You can never leave me. The moment you turn around, you’ll run back to me.” – Kokdu

“You can only share your secrets with your friends or enemies. But every friend who knows your secrets eventually becomes your enemy.” – Kokdu

“I was not able to say the one thing that I could not say out loud. I love you, Seolhee. Loving you was my whole life.” – Oh Hyun

  • “Bog laurel. It blooms both in this world and the underworld. It represents my resolution to protect you regardless of which world you are in.” – Oh Hyun
  • “When you meet someone, you’re bound to part ways. And all living things die.” – Kokdu

“They say love and a cough cannot be hidden. Try to hide it a little.” – Kokdu

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Medical
Also known as: Kkokdu’s Gye Jeol, Season of Kkokdu
Synopsis: A death god or cursed grim reaper becomes a visiting doctor through a human and meets a female doctor who has mysterious abilities.
No of episodes: 16
Cast: Kim Jung-hyun, Im Soo-hyang 
Writers: Kang Yi-heon, Heo Jun-woo
Directors: Baek Soo-chan, Kim Ji-hoon
Network: MBC
Streaming platform: Viu, Viki, iQIYI
Date: January 27, 2023

Subtitle translation: Viu