90+ Quotes | Alchemy Of Souls Part 2 (2022)

Updated: January 9, 2023

Here’s a collection of quotes from the series Alchemy Of Souls: Light And Shadow (2022-2023):

On mages and sorcery

“He is a bright light that protects the world and she is a shadow that protects him by embracing the darkness surrounding him.” – Master Lee

“To the light that has saved the world, I shall now return your shadow. A light that embraces the shadow will never be lost in darkness.” – Jin Buyeon / Jin Seolran

“The country does not need a King who does not care whether or not the world burns to ashes. It needs a king who wishes to stop it.” – Jang Uk

  • “Have you really never dreamed of becoming the most powerful person in this world?” – Crown Prince
  • “I have already climbed to the very peak of this world with the person I made that promise with. That is more than enough for me.” – Jang Uk

“Evil always does what it wants without ever stopping. But why is it that virtue always needs to prove itself over and over again?” – Uncle Park

  • “Come to think of it. You have four names. You were born as Cho Yeong, but you grew up as the assassin Naksu. Then you lived as Mudeok and now you are Jin Buyeon.” – Master Lee
  • “I never had a chance to live with just one name.” – Jin Buyeon
  • “Which name shall I call you by?” – Master Lee
  • “The name that my parents gave me when I was born. I would like to be called Cho Yeong.” – Jin Buyeon

“You name means light and your name means shadow. Light and shadow. It may be that you two were fated to meet from the start.” – Master Lee

“You are right, Jang Uk. In a world where those with stremgth gain greater power, the weak will just perish.” – Jin Mu

“If someone powerful has everything they want and is immortal, what will become of this world?” – Uncle Park

“Buyeon’s soul has immense powers that even I fail to fathom.” – Master Lee

  • “The marks are only detectable from this close. I will decide what to do with you. No one else should know. Keep it in mind. Only I am allowed to come this close.” – Jang Uk
  • “Rain is necessary but it should not last forever. The sun is also necessary but it should set as well. And no one should stay powerful and live forever.” – Uncle Park
  • “I do not think that trying to protect such things is a sign of weakness. Rather, it is a sign of strength.” – Crown Prince

“The blue marks bloomed in her eyes like flowers.” – Jang Uk

“I have always wanted to stop. But right now, I do not.” – Jang Uk

“If I cannot be with Jang Uk because of the truth, I do not wish to find out.” – Jin Buyeon / Naksu

  • “Jang Uk does not fight for personal gain. But to protect those around him.” – Crown Prince
  • “Jang Uk will agonize over something bigger than the pain of losing a loved one.” – Master Lee

“Have faith in your daughter’s divine powers. I promise that I will bring it back.” – Jin Buyeon / Naksu

“If you win the fight, you could even become the King.” – Master Lee

“Not a single person will be able to walk out of here alive.” – Jang Uk

“Do you wish to keep the body alive through Naksu’s soul? Or you will keep your daughter’s soul and watch her die?” – Master Lee

“Naksu’s soul may still remain but she lost both her energy and memory.” – Master Lee

“I cannot reveal who I am due to a certain reason. But once you find out who I am, you definitely want to take me out of here.” – Jin Buyeon / Naksu

“No one can stop me from going anywhere. And I am used to feeling unwelcome.” – Jang Uk

“If my looks do not move you, consider my skills. You might need my help one day.” – Jin Buyeon / Naksu

On life and suffering

“It is much better for us to be tormented instead.” – Jang Uk

  • “Do you know how I felt when I decided to feign ignorance and leave her behind? I turned away with the knowledge that I must slay her if I acknowledged who she was.” – Jang Uk
  • “After you have been in enough pain, you should let go.” – Jin Buyeon / Naksu
  • “The moment he got rid of my turtle, I decided to abandon him as well.” – Crown Prince
  • “Deciding whom to target and which path to take will always be painful and a burden.”

“I know that the sword in your hands reflects your grief, hatred, and rage.” – Crown Prince

“To stop yourself from wielding that sword at the world, you painstakingly suppressed and buried all those feelings inside.” – Crown Prince

“How can I protect the world when I could not even protect the one person I had sworn to keep safe?” – Jang Uk

“I am guilty of existing when I should not.” – Jang Uk

“My house has many rooms but none of them make me feel at home.” – Crown Prince

  • “You saved this turtle. A man like you can never be hopeless.” – Jin Buyeon / Naksu
  • “You are a bad judge of character, but you do know how to comfort people.” – Crown Prince

“I plan to find my own room. I will find out who I really am and decorate my room with my own traits. I hope that makes it easier for you to find me.” – Jin Buyeon / Naksu

“So that is what you call fate. Something that humans cannot control.” – Master Lee

“Life is unpredictable, but you choose your own destiny. No matter how sweet or bitter it may be, you must taste it yourself and swallow it.” – Uncle Park

  • “I was expecting a tiger but bugs came instead.” – Jin Buyeon / Naksu
  • “You never know what is in the rice cake until you bite into it.” – Park Danggu

“It is brazen to desire something without being willing to endure the pain.” – Jin Buyeon / Naksu

“A pain that does not kill me will eventually set me free.” – Jin Buyeon / Naksu

“The most tragic experience is to live your entire life regretting what you could have done. Please do not live that way.” – Seo Yul

“That splinter cannot be more painful than a sword through my chest.” – Jang Uk

“It will just be an outing, not an escape.” – Jin Buyeon / Naksu

  • “What crime are you guilty of?” – Jang Uk
  • “Being alive. Existing in this world. I am guilty of existing in this world when I should not. I am someone who died a long time ago.” – Jin Buyeon / Naksu
  • “Why are you helping me? Why the change of heart?” – Jin Buyeon / Naksu
  • “Because we are guilty of the same crime. I am also guilty of existing when I should not.” – Jang Uk

“As a human, I should have died then and there.” – Jang Uk

  • “Do you think removing the ice stone would heal your wounded heart? But if you do that, you will die.” – Uncle Park
  • “At least, I will lift the weight off my shoulders and finally be at peace.” – Jang Uk

On love and relationships

“We lightened up each other’s lives when we needed each other the most. We embraced the shadows that came with it and chose to love each other.” – Naksu

  • “Now that I look at you like this, it feels as if it has been a long time since we last met. But it also feels as if we met yesterday.” – Naksu
  • “It’s strange. It feels like I held your hand a long time ago. But it feels like I only recently held it for the first time.” – Naksu

“Among all the married couples I have seen through my entire life, you two are the dearest.” – Master Lee

  • “In the end, you used what is between us as a reason and excuse to bring me here. My merciless master.” – Jang Uk
  • “I am not your master anymore. I have already let you go.” – Naksu

“I knew the moment I saw you, you are my husband.” – Jin Buyeon / Naksu

“I do not care that you did not recognize me when we first met. This time I recognized you first.” – Jin Buyeon / Naksu

“I liked him more than he liked me. But I never had a chance to tell him.” – Jin Buyeon / Naksu

“Turn the light back on. Keep your head straight. Keep your promise and let me go.” – Jin Buyeon / Naksu

“If it is someone dear to you, you should not think of letting them go as if you are abandoning them.” – Uncle Park

“I have nothing to lose even if I leave. But I feel bad leaving you.” – Jin Buyeon / Naksu

“Your useless brazier has burnt itself to leave nothing but ashes. I will disperse in the wind and you can just freeze to death alone.” – Jin Buyeon / Naksu

“I will keep you warm and help you rest comfortably.” – Jin Buyeon / Naksu

“I may treat you like my young master but you are like a son to me.” – Maidservant Kim

“I am glad that before I die, I can see you who made the world seem clean and bright.” – Soi

“They tried to take what was mine so I will show them what I have.” – Jang Uk

  • “So, you are still dreaming. It breaks my heart.” – Jin Buyeon / Naksu
  • “I am not dreaming.” – Jang Uk

“I shall always stay by your side at this distance.” – Jin Buyeon / Naksu

“I am afraid of what I might do if I fall for someone I cannot have.” – Crown Prince

“Are you putting me in between you and that dead girl?” – Jin Buyeon / Naksu

“I regained another memory. You and I have liked each other for a long time.” – Jin Buyeon / Naksu

  • “My beauty is unmatched. But I am not the brightest. You also seemed like a fool despite your good looks.” – Jin Buyeon / Naksu
  • “Do you really believe it? That Uk finally let go of Mudeok and fell in love with someone else?” – Seo Yul

“I am very happy that you came.” – Jin Buyeon / Naksu

  • “As long as you free me from that sickening cell, I will stay with you no matter what. You can be a thug for all I care.” – Jin Buyeon / Naksu
  • “I do not wish to go back. I like it here. And I like you, too.” – Jin Buyeon / Naksu

“Now I know how much I will regrer it if I decide to walk away. When I found out it was her, I should have stepped forward and held onto her instead of stepping away.” – Seo Yul

“You should never date a man with a past as painful as a stab to the heart.” – Jin Buyeon / Naksu

“You should marry someone you wish to spend your life with. Not someone who will take your life away.” – Uncle Park

“Naksu was a maid of his. She was also his betrothed. And in return for his unconditional love, she stabbed him in the heart with a sword.” – Passerby

  • “Why is he carrying Naksu’s sword that once killed him?” – Crown Prince
  • “Some say he is bearing a bitter grudge, while others say he is just painfully in love with her.” – Master Lee

“I cannot laud him by claiming to envy the great power he holds. But I cannot empathize with him and tell him to give up either. Things are not how they used to be.” – Park Danggu

“Uk was the first to recognize her. But I was the first to meet Naksu.” – Seo Yul

“We only met once. But you want me to marry you?” – Jang Uk

  • “I cannot believe I ran into the perfect potential husband.” – Jin Buyeon / Naksu
  • “I cannot believe I ran into the craziest person potential bride when we only met once.” – Jang Uk

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Historical, Romance
Also known as: Return, Soul Marriage
Synopsis: The second part of “Alchemy Of Souls” about young mages in the fictional country of Daeho, dealing with a forbidden magic spell that switches bodies and souls.
No of episodes: 10
Cast: Lee Jae-wook, Go Yoon-jung, Hwang Min-hyun, Shin Seung-ho, Yoo Joon-sang, Oh Nara, Yoo In-soo, Arin, Jo Jae-yoon
Writers: Hong Jung-eun, Hong Mi-ran
Director: Park Joon-hwa
Network: tvN
Streaming platform: Netflix
Date: December 10, 2022

Netflix subtitle translation:
Soo-ji Kim, Joy Lee

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